The seeker

Masonic Lodge “Phoenix to the Three Lights” at Heeren Castle
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“The Seeker” or How a Mason Finds Himself.

Old writings from the archives of the Confederation of Freemasons describe it in such a way that every “free man of good reputation” was qualified to be admitted to a lodge and to carry out a Masonic development.

Today, Freemasonry is aimed at men who are at least 21 years old. Profession, religion or position in society do not play a role. The Lodge and the entire Masonic fraternity represents an unreserved community concerned with humanity, philosophical issues, and working on one’s character.

Friendship, openness to the world, tolerance, fraternity – if these timeless values are familiar to your thoughts and actions, then Freemasonry “might be something for you”. Strictly speaking, you too could then be something for Freemasonry.

Ideally, you can get a direct impression at one of our numerous guest evenings.

If you intend to visit us at Heeren Castle, please leave a short message about yourself and your contact details in advance. We will then invite you to public events and guest evenings.

We look forward to seeing you.

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