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Masonic Lodge “Phoenix to the Three Lights” at Heeren Castle
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“…Let us all strive, brotherly with heart and hand.”

These incoming lines, von Fallersleben wrote on August 26, 1841 on Helgoland.

180 years later on August 28, 2021, these very lines resound in the context of the light bringing in of our young Lodge “Phoenix to the three lights”, in harmonious unison again in Kamen.

The castle Heeren to Kamen forms the worthy environment, in which now after many years again a masonic homeland develops. Earlier generations of castle lords had already turned to Freemasonry and founded lodges in the regional area, belonged to them and lent their enthusiasm to the Westphalian lodge scene.

To give a new impulse to this lodge landscape was also the impulse of the brothers of our young lodge. We were already at home in a common lodge and have made the decision to set out for new shores and to dare the wanderings in a new direction and a new obedience.

In the meantime, a rhythm has been established here at our location in the premises of the castle, with which we can do justice to our masonic dispositions and thus also reinvent and rediscover ourselves. We are succeeding more and more in painting the sand out of the gears and adding to the overall work of Freemasonry a building block on which our endeavor can achieve solid growth.

The brothers of the friendly 3WK Lodges are always ready to help us and honor us with lectures and our ritual work. Likewise the joy grows to bring us also in the context of the federation of the friendly lodges visiting.

We look ahead in friendship and maintain this tradition, in addition to the expenses of our own lodge development. So let us all strive, brotherly with heart and hand.