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Phoenix to the Three Lights


Lodge House
Heerener Strasse 177, 59174 Kamen
  • Teilnehmer: Verehrte Schwestern, geladene Damen und Herren sowie liebe Logenbrüder.


May 20 2022



Guest evening

Another guest evening is in the planning stage.

Guest evening with interested gentlemen.

Dear visitors,

we are pleased to welcome you on our internet presence of the Freemasons in Kamen. We meet at Heeren Castle and pursue our passion there.

If you are interested in Freemasonry and what we are and do, we encourage you to visit the website of our Grand Lodge.

Click here to go to the Grand National Mother Lodge to the Three Globes:


If you would like to meet us in person that evening, we invite you to contact us at .


For this, please leave your contact information and if you like a short message who you are and what interests you in Freemasonry.


We will then be happy to contact you.