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Insights into our lodge life – 19.08.2022


What is a Brother’s Evening?

First of all, we define the term brother’s evening, because we have several types of brother’s evenings. Meant in this case is an evening without lectures, events, works or other activities of our Masonic Lodge. So simply put, a gathering among brothers in our premises. For a better understanding, in mundane life one would say or mean “regulars’ table”. However, our brother evenings have nothing in common with a “regulars’ table”. In our work calendar, these evenings are designated as brother evenings (brother meetings) with casual get-togethers.

Who participates in a brother’s evening?

Our lodge life is governed by a fixed set of rules, yet we are quite flexible and our lodge life is contemporary. The nature of each brother’s evening ultimately determines the group of people who will participate. At such a brother evening (like those on 19.08.22) have:

  • we Masons of our Lodge,
  • Masons of other lodges,
  • and invited gentlemen participated.

What was going on that night?

We are always good for a surprise and our invited guests know that too. The casual brother evenings are sometimes a grab bag. Sometimes the numbers of participants are three brothers or they are in the double digits. But, it doesn’t matter to us which brothers or even how many brothers are present on such evenings. Our meetings are always fulfilling, informative and relaxing.

We had been really lucky with the weather, so we moved our conversations outside without further ado. Although we are a fairly young lodge, everything has now fallen into place. Because as soon as they arrived, everyone present immediately got to work. Tables and chairs were moved and a barbecue was organized. A brother provided excellent sausages and various salads. Punctually, the grill was fired up and the table was set. With eleven people present, the evening got a real buzz. Many conversations about private matters to Masonic topics, everything was on the agenda. The quite young dachshund of one of our brothers also provided some fun on the sidelines.


Around 23:00 we extinguished the candles and closed the round. With a good and relaxed feeling, reflecting on some talks with their contents and perspectives, we left the lodge area and drove home. With much joy we await our next meetings connected with a reunion among us brothers.

Curious now?

Interested gentlemen can get more information here.



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Are you interested in us?

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We will be glad if you are interested in the Union of Freemasons as well as membership in our Masonic Lodge. Joining the Masonic fraternity should be well considered in any case.

Membership in this federation is not comparable to any other membership. We therefore recommend that you acquaint yourself with the Lodge and its members and, for your part, thoroughly consider whether membership is an option.

Usually, a regular visit to the events of the Lodge over a period of about one year serves to get to know each other.

Each application for membership will be considered on a case-by-case basis and submitted for a vote within the Fraternity. This is common practice in all Masonic Lodges worldwide.

The best way to get a first impression is to attend one of our numerous guest evenings.

Simply contact us in advance by e-mail or by using the contact form, and our secretary will receive a message with initial information and your contact details.

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