Travels of a stonemason

A lecture evening in the circle of friendly ladies and gentlemen as well as lodge members in our rooms in the castle Heeren to Kamen. The table is set as our lecture series invites insightful contributions for the fourth time this year.

Friday, the 13.05.2022 : a moment between 20:00 and 21:45 o’clock – The predominantly roughly bossed Anröchter sandstone finds its cubistic form over the first rough and in the course becoming smoother surface. A green lump of stone lies prominent for the viewer and in the center of the wooden table, behind which stands Domenico Grandi, our friend master stonemason & sculptor. At one particular point in his lecture, he speaks of the “Stenz finding his journeyman” to accompany him on his journey. Three times he knocks loudly on the ground with the spirally curved walking stick before he thus addresses the master of the cathedral building lodge in the traditional way.
It is, he says, an ancient language that has outgrown the harsh tones of the street, in which the ancient rites developed within the framework of operative Masonry between the 12th and 17th centuries.

This is a dark area, which will receive its multifaceted illumination in the course of this evening’s lecture. From German lands to Italy, to Australia, to Indonesia and back to France, the lecture, which seems to have been “held out of the sleeve”, takes us on a journey.
A lecture on the ramified structures of a virtuoso craft elite, which for centuries has been able to assert its striving for liberal basic rights – even in the face of kings and cardinals. Thus, a brotherhood with special customs developed when these “free masons” expressed and realized themselves in their works and so still work today.

The candles are burned way down when the open exchange following the lecture shifts outdoors. Enriched by a few stimuli for conversation, I leave the castle in anticipation of the lecture evenings still to come.

Written by Brother Speaker.

Steinmetz Phoenix zu den Drei Lichtern 3005

Phoenix to the Three Lights
Heerener Street 177
59174 Kamen

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